Things to do in the Bonita Spring city

Bonita Spring is the city in the Florida which is located between Naples and Fort Myers. The greeneries and the seashell of Bonita spring are eye-catching and attracting to anyone in the world. If you want to lose yourself in the eternity and the natural beauty, you must visit Bonita Spring, Florida, once in a life. From the luxurious resorts to the tourist spots, Bonita Spring is a place where you can find the true thrilling experience. There are lots of things to do in Bonita Spring, Florida. Here I am describing few things which you can do in Bonita Spring, Florida.



1)    Bonita Spring is the most favorite place for the shopping lover. If you ever visit Bonita Spring, never miss the opportunity of shopping with the handful. There are many shopping destination and areas in Bonita Spring. Promenade, Coconut point mall, Miromar Outlets, Gulf coast town center, etc. are the most famous shopping mall for doing abundant of shopping. Besides these, you can also find different outlets of the branded shop

2)    When your shopping fever cools down, you can spend your time in some serene places. What would be the best choice than spending some quality time in beach surfing? You can get a ton of outdoor activities too in the beach area. Fishing, swimming, watching wildlife, taking sunbathe, etc. are the top preferred things for visitors in the beach area. Bonita Spring has many beach destinations. Some of the most popular are Lover’s key, Barefoot Beach, Bonita Beach Park, dog beach, etc.

3)    If you are a wildlife lover and want to monitor the lifestyle of the wild species closely, you should visit Everglades Wonder Garden. This garden has over 200 wildlife and plants. Children love this place like anything in the Bonita Spring.

4)    Bonita Spring is very well known for the having public for private golf courses. People love to spend a lot of time playing golf in different clubs. There are around 15o golf courses and each one offers great facilities to the golfers.

5)    People often take the boat on rent and sail in the ocean. You will find another world in the ocean. Different sea creatures, birds, water, everything will make your boat trip memorable and fresh. If you want to relax in the fresh air and nature, this would be the best option for you in Bonita Spring.

6)    Bonita Spring has very rich and sophisticated culture. Different art exhibitions are arranged in different cultural center all around the year in Bonita Spring. You can also visit different art galleries in Bonita Spring.

So, these are the top six things you can do in Bonita Spring, Florida.


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